Our brand: FiReWall ®

Ambienta Living is a wholesale business in Italian curtain- and furniture fabrics. We fabricate and deliver our 100% Polyester FR and/or Trevira CS yarn, under our brand name FiReWall ®. Due to the fire retardant characteristics, all of our fabrics meet the strict safety regulations for professional use.

All of our fabrics are room high and available per bolt.

Amongst others, we deliver fabrics for:

Hospitals, retirement homes, and other institutions

Interior architects

Professional decorators

Hotels and leisure

Maritime industry

Gorgeous Italian design

The majority of our fabrics are produced in Italy. Our Italian sister company Ambienta SRL is located in Bergamo, near Milan.

Our colleagues in Italy are responsible for production and order logistics. Every day, a team of specialists sees to it that the bolts leave our warehouse and do so under our strict quality standards.

Years of experience have enabled us to produce fire retardant fabrics in colours, textures and designs that follow the latest Italian trends.

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Dutch trading mentality

Ambienta living is a Dutch company with a hint of Italian zeal.
We combine the principle of ‘we do what we promise’ with efficiency and a dutch trading mentality. This way, we are able to deliver gorgeous quality at competitive conditions.

Through a vast network of agents and distributors in The Netherlands and surrounding countries, we service the professional market with curtain- and furniture fabrics.

Due to the fact that we control the entire production process, we can guarantee that working with Ambienta results in:

No brokering

Correct delivery

Fabrics following the latest Italian trends

Fire retardant

Curtain- and furniture fabrics in public places must meet strict fire safety standards.

The fabrics in our FiReWall ® range of products are all made out of the inherently fire retardant raw materials; Polyester FR- and Trevira CS yarn.

These raw materials enable us to mimic natural fabrics such as linen, silk, velvet, or cotton, which aren’t normally suited for professional use due to their flammable characteristics.

Contact us

Hoofdweg 807
2131 MA Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)23 72 00 801
E: info@ambientaliving.com

KVK: 60582359
IBAN: NL19INGB0006520891

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